Membership & Pool Rules 2018



Adult: $190
One dependent child: $60
Two or more dependent children: $120
Senior: $140
Lap Swimmer: $145
Capital Improvement Fee: $25
(Every membership unit/family group/group house/couple with or without children/single adult pays this fee.)

Children under the age of two on Opening Day are free.

All adults under the age of 70 (except those with a lap swimmer membership) pay a refundable co-op deposit: $100 up to the age of 59; those age 60-69 pay $50; members age 70 and over do not pay a co-op deposit. (Co-op deposits are refundable after 2.5 hours of board-approved co-op work per adult.)

Lap swimmer memberships are also available at a cost of $145 per annum plus the Capital Improvement Fee ($25), which every membership unit pays. These members do not pay co-op fees, nor do they have the other privileges of membership (i.e., bringing guests, booking parties, etc.). They may only come to the pool during the early-morning lap swimming period and are restricted to four weekend visits during normal hours as a guest of another member. 

A babysitter pass may be added at a cost of $75.00. This person may visit the pool an unlimited number of times ONLY when accompanied by a member.

Houseguests may join a membership for up to a month for a fee of $90 per adult and $40 per dependent child (under 21 on opening day). They may not bring guests but may come without the sponsoring member.

Memberships are non-refundable (either in whole or in part), non-transferable and subject to confirmation that the information in the application is correct and complete. The Board may require members and guests to show identification on entry.


Child: under age 2 on Opening Day
Dependent child: age 2 through 20 on Opening Day unless a membership consists of a single individual whose age is 18-20. Individual memberships for 18-20 year-olds will be charged at the adult rate.
Adult: aged 21 to 59 on Opening Day
Senior: age 60 or over on Opening Day

A membership must include or be signed by somebody aged 18 or more on the date the pool opens. A membership constitutes individuals sharing permanent/year-round households, living in the same house under the same roof and sharing the house’s plumbing fixtures (such as toilets, sinks, tubs and showers) and the house’s kitchen facilities. Dependent children may be included on a membership, even if not sharing year-round housing. Visiting relatives, babysitters, summer guests, etc. may not be included as part of a membership group.

Membership is retained year-to-year. If you decide not to join in any calendar year, you must reapply using the waiting list, which currently (April 2017) is about 1,800 families. Members who will not be using the facility for a season or more may opt to retain their membership status for future years by paying $200 plus the Capital Improvement Fee (without the co-op deposit) each year until they decide to rejoin as full members. During that time, they do not have the privileges of membership and if they want to enter as a guest, they must be signed in by a member and pay the requisite guest fee.


Prince George’s Swimming Pool is run on a cooperative basis. To fulfill the co-op obligation members may choose to commit to a seasonal job or work a few hours at a time on any number of scheduled workdays. Workdays occur on various Saturdays and Sundays, March through October.

For information about requesting a refund, see the Co-op Refund page. A refund will not be made without the member submitting a request through our Membership website.

All adults (21-69 on Opening Day) pay a refundable co-op deposit: $100 up to the age of 59; those age 60-69 pay $50; members age 70 and over do not pay a co-op deposit. Co-op deposits are refundable.

The co-op requirement must be either paid in full or the work obligation completed before the pool opens each season. There are no partial refunds; the entire membership’s co-op obligation must be completed before a refund request will be honored. For a list of co-op jobs see the Co-op Jobs page.

All co-op work must be completed by October 31 in any given membership season. Request for co-op refunds must be submitted by November 15. Late requests for co-op refunds will not be honored. Co-op hours can be completed by board-approved work that maintains or improves the pool's grounds, facilities and equipment, assists with the operations of the pool, or is necessary for events that raise money for the pool.

People doing seasonal co-op jobs may not transfer excess hours to other memberships. Co-op hours completed at workdays or other similarly organized co-op opportunities are transferable with the prior approval of a board member.


Membership allows full use of the pool and facilities during posted regularly scheduled operating hours and during special events and in accordance with the posted rules.

Member meetings for all members take place on the second weekend and second-to-last weekend of every season.

Members may bring up to eight (8) guests to the pool at any one time. Guests must be accompanied by members while on the pool grounds, i.e. the member and the guest(s) must be on the grounds at the same time. Guest fees will be charged for each guest’s visit and will be collected at the entrance as the guest arrives. Guests will be required to sign in and provide contact information. Adult guests are limited to a maximum of four (4) weekend (Friday-Sunday and Holidays) visits in total per pool season. Guests are required to sign in, show current ID and provide contact information.

Members are eligible to bring occasional groups to the pool using the special party rate for group events. This rate allows pool members to reserve picnic tables and pay a reduced guest fee for non-member guests during regularly scheduled operating hours for occasional gatherings of up to 20 people. Members must submit a Party Form (available on our website on the Party Bookings page) and pay for the event at least 14 days before the scheduled date in order to receive the special rate. There are NO party bookings on the three Federal holidays during the season: Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day.



These rules have been written to provide for the protection and benefit of all. Failure to comply with them is cause for ejection from the pool and/or other disciplinary action. Responsibility for enforcing these rules lies with the pool management company’s onsite managers and staff. Appeals of their decisions must be made in writing to the Board of Directors and will be considered at the next scheduled meeting. A written statement will be filed with the Board Secretary with details of the cause for ejection and resulting disciplinary action if any member is suspended from pool use. Repeated violations may result in loss of membership.


The onsite pool managers may close the pool when weather or health considerations dictate. Members and guests must take cover when instructed to do so.


Non-members are not allowed on the pool grounds unless accompanied by a member. Members are allowed to have up to eight (8) non-member guests at any one time upon payment of the required fee. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times. Adult guests are limited to a maximum of four (4) weekend (Friday from 5:00pm through Sunday plus Holidays) visits in total per pool season. All adult guests must sign in showing current ID at the front gate. 


  • Glass containers are not allowed anywhere on the pool grounds.
  • Only adults are permitted to use grills.
  • Radios and other electronic devices may be used for personal enjoyment, but noise levels must not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the pool and grounds.
  • Pets are not allowed on pool property.
  • Abusive, offensive or profane language is not permitted.
  • Children under age 10 on the pool grounds must be under the supervision of a parent or a responsible person age 15 years or older at all times.
  • If the behavior of a child age 10 or over is deemed to be unacceptable by either the manager or a member of the board, that child’s right to be on the grounds unaccompanied may be rescinded.
  • Members and guests shall refrain from excessive public displays of affection.
  • Any injuries occurring on pool property shall be reported to the onsite pool managers. The pool managers shall give a written report of all such incidents to the Board of Directors.
  • Games and activities in the grassy area should not interfere with the duties of pool personnel or members using the grounds. All such activities may be curtailed at the discretion of the pool manager, board members or guards.
  • Members and guests must show courtesy to others. The pool grounds belong to all of us and it is each member’s responsibility to clean up after themselves and their children.
  • Dirty diapers must be changed in the bathrooms or on a towel in the grassy area.
  • Lost and Found items are disposed of periodically—usually by charitable donation or through sales to members. A notice will be posted at the pool and on the listserv at least one week prior to a sale or donation.


  • Anyone wishing to swim in water above their shoulders must be able to swim in a strong fashion. Persons unable to demonstrate their ability to swim to the lifeguard’s satisfaction are not permitted in deep water.
  • Children unable to swim must be supervised when in the main pool. All children must be supervised in the toddler pool. Children swimming without adult supervision must be able to demonstrate to the lifeguard’s satisfaction the ability to swim, tread water and rest in the water. Lifeguards may issue a wristband to newer members who have passed the swim test.
  • Children under 16 must leave the pool during the 15-minute rest period. Lifeguards may request additional rest periods if they observe swimmers who are chilled or fatigued.
  • Swimmers are not allowed in the pool while wearing bandages or suffering from infections, communicable diseases, colds and nasal or ear discharges.
  • Diaper-age children must wear swim diapers or training pants under tight fitting pants; disposable diapers are prohibited.
  • Spitting, spouting of water, etc. are prohibited. Water guns or similar devices are not permitted in the pool areas.
  • Running, pushing, wrestling, dunking, splashing or otherwise causing a disturbance in pool area is not tolerated.
  • Swim fins, snorkels and flotation devices except for Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices and infant swim rings used by non-swimmers are not allowed in the main pool. Parents or guardians whose child is using a flotation device must be within arm’s length of child.
  • When the pools are crowded (defined in the main pool as when the three guard chairs are occupied), the guards or pool manager may curtail the use of toys.
  • There shall be no loitering or playing in the lap lanes.
  • Members and guests shall refrain from talking to the lifeguards on duty. Questions or non-emergency requests for assistance may be directed to the lifeguard on duty at the guard shack.
  • Diving from the edge of the pool is ONLY permitted in the diving well when the lifeguard on duty has closed the diving board and indicated that diving from the sides is allowed. Diving from the edge of the pool is not permitted in any other area of the pool. All diving in the diving well shall be executed in a safe manner. When using the diving board, divers will clear the diving area as soon as possible. There will be no diving until the previous diver has reached the steps at the side of the pool. Front facing dives, swan dives, front flips and back dives are permitted; inwards dives and backflips are not allowed.
  • Food, beverages (other than water) and smoking are not permitted within the pool enclosures.


  • All children using the baby pool must be supervised by a parent or responsible person age 15 or older who is inside the fenced baby pool area at all times. Families who fail to adhere to these rules could be temporarily prohibited from using the baby pool.
  • Only children six (6) years of age and under may use this pool. Older children may gather in the enclosed area under the supervision of an adult, but they may not be in the water.
  • No jumping into the baby pool or rough play is permitted.
  • Unsupervised children or those over the age limit may be asked to leave by pool personnel or any responsible adult.
  • The gate must be kept closed at all times.
  • No running is allowed in the pool or on the deck. Excessive splashing or throwing of water is not allowed.
  • Water toys and floats are permitted in the baby pool. Parents should ensure that only safe, non-breakable objects are used.
  • Special care and consideration for others are especially important with diaper-age children. Disposable diapers are prohibited. Paper fibers allow bacteria escape too easily and clog our filters, Swim diapers or training pants under tight fitting pants must be worn by all children not potty trained.
  • If a child vomits or has a bowel movement while in the pool:
    1. Remove all children immediately;
    2. Notify the guards or office;
    3. Assist pool personnel with clean-up.


With the exception of emergencies or potentially dangerous situations, please refer all complaints to a Board Member. The Pool Management Committee will then relay the information to the pool management.

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